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Vankyo S30 Wifi Problems

edited July 2020 in General

Last 24 hours my 6 week old S30 suddenly cuts out the Wireless connection every 30 seconds or so. Unable to connect to the internet.

Just red on Amazon US that quiet a few customers have the same problems and sent the tablet back for a replacement!

I am in Australia and bought it direct from the main Vankyo website.


PS: Done the factory reset 3 or 4 times as soon it connects to the internet after a few seconds the x comes up on the Wireless Icon and cuts out the internet connection!!


  • Please connect with another WiFi. If S30 still has issues, please contact Vankyo customer support team to replace the tablet.

  • Also having the same problem. I have just reset it twice. Keeps losing connection and I know the wifi is good because my other computers and cell phone stay connected. Received the S30 on July 3. It was working nicely until the last 2 weeks and just loses wifi now. Was hoping for a software fix or replacement.

  • Same issue here as well. S30 lists all the Wi-fi networks around me and I can connect to two of mine but as soon as it connects to either of them, the "x" appears on the wireless icon and not able to browse the internet.

    What is the problem with this tablet and how will it be resolved?

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