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Vankyo S30 Wifi Problems

edited July 23 in General

Last 24 hours my 6 week old S30 suddenly cuts out the Wireless connection every 30 seconds or so. Unable to connect to the internet.

Just red on Amazon US that quiet a few customers have the same problems and sent the tablet back for a replacement!

I am in Australia and bought it direct from the main Vankyo website.


PS: Done the factory reset 3 or 4 times as soon it connects to the internet after a few seconds the x comes up on the Wireless Icon and cuts out the internet connection!!


  • Please connect with another WiFi. If S30 still has issues, please contact Vankyo customer support team to replace the tablet.

  • Also having the same problem. I have just reset it twice. Keeps losing connection and I know the wifi is good because my other computers and cell phone stay connected. Received the S30 on July 3. It was working nicely until the last 2 weeks and just loses wifi now. Was hoping for a software fix or replacement.

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