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Winner Announcement - Movie Challenge and Win!

edited September 5 in News from Vankyo

Do you take yourself as a movie enthusiast? If so, prove it to us! You’ll have a chance to win a pair of TWS earphones, a tablet or even a projector! 

Last month, Vankyo held an event about sharing stories that you spent with your father. More than 40 fans had shared their stories with us. It was so inspiring that Vankyo wants to keep this heating up. 

That’s how does this film-sharing contest come up. Watch out! Film aficionados are lining up. 

We'll leave a movie title that starts with the letter “A” in this post, the second person shall start with the Letter “B”. After an A to Z round is over, go back to “A” and start again. ?️


  • Leave comments with: Film Title
  • Each person shall not leave comments continuously in the comment area. The first comment is seen as the effective one to those who had left comments continuously.
  • The posted comment shall not be deleted.
  • The first round of lottery begins when the comments reaching 40. The lucky numbers go to: 6, *3, *0 (Rewards: 3 x X200 TWS earphones in total)
  • The second round of lottery begins when the comments reaching 100. The lucky numbers come with: *5, 5*, 2*, 4*, *6 (Rewards: 3 x X200 TWS earphones, 1 x S30 Tablet, 1 x Leisure 430 in total)
  • The event ends on Aug 30th, 2020.
  • The list of winners will be released on Sept 1st, 2020.
  • ONLY the US residents are eligible to get the reward.
  • Vankyo reserves the rights for the final explanation.

Are you ready? Let’s Game on!??



Thank you to everyone who participated the event. We are excited to announce our 8 winners:

Winners of X200 Earbuds

1. #6 @RonnieHenderson

2. #23 @vankyofan4lyfe

3. #40 @djmichaud

4. #52 @Erich2000

5. #49 @hopperrob

6. #196 @Jurgenlex

Winner of S30

7. #115 @testtype00

Winner of L430

8. #201 @Calamity

Please provide below details (Message us via Forum) to our official account: vankyoadmin. The gifts should be with you shortly!

  1. Your Name
  2. Shipping Address
  3. Phone number

Thank you all once again!



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