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The new Vankyo V630W has Audio lag issues. Please help me to fix it?

edited November 2020 in Ask the Community

Hi Admin,

I just bought V630W projector connected to Chromecast and seeing Audio lag while playing videos from Amazon Prime.

My projector Firmware - PJ56V638.10.200721 , It seems to be older version.

Could you please send me link for latest firmware to download?

I would like to update firmware and see it if fixes the lag issue.

How to send my email to you? so you can send me the firmware link.

Thank you.


  • Hello @Vij ,

    thanks for your question.

    How did you connect your projector?

    HDMI or screen mirroring?

  • I said connected to Chromecast which can be done only through HDMI port and casting videos from Amazon Prime app.

    Thank you.

  • Hello @Vij ,

    thanks for your response,

    we have forwarded this problem to our product team.

    we will give you a response as soon as possible.

    And during this period, you can watch the video via some other methods.


  • I have the same exact problem, did you ever find a solution? It started happening on Netflix and Disney plus as well.

  • I too have the same issue when connecting to a soundbar and the builtin speaker doesnt work. Is it the same problem for all V630W?

  • I have the lag issue with the 630w using chromecast. It seems like it happens playing videos from Netflix and Disney plus apps. It works fine streaming videos through the YouTube app.

  • If anyone is having audio lag issues change your audio to stereo instead of 5.1 surround in the Netflix app. This seems to work for me.

  • You can also set to "Stereo only" by using the Google Home app, select your chromecast and Go to settings. Then change the surround sound mode to stereo. I can confirm Netflix, Disney and Amazon works.

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