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First Glimpse of Vantoplife Community

edited December 2020 in News from Vankyo

VANTOP was founded in September 2017 as a global cross-border retail company, and our mission is to explore and discover the beauty of life. Join VANTOP family, you will find how beautiful life is.

For now, VANTOP has 8 sub-brands including Vankyo, HeimVision, Kyvol, Vantop, Snaptain, Virmee, Cystereo, Sagino, and we are also preparing for more new brands. In the past, Vankyo, HeimVision, Kyvol have a forum respectively, and now we have gathered all sub-brands in one community, i.e., Vantoplife community.

The logo of Vantoplife community looks like both a four-leaf clover and the gathering of hearts, representing that all the community members could find not only product support, but also gain friendship here. The simple design and easy-to-use interface will give you an awesome experience!

In the Testing hub, users can get the chances to test the products for free;

In the Activity section, users can access the latest activities information and get deals and coupons of all sub-brands and Vantoplife community; You can also find useful tutorials, reviews, FAQs here, and get quick, and professional product support from our official team.

The users of VANTOP come from all around the world. Join Vantoplife community, you can make friends with people from different countries. No matter where you are, you can always find friends with the same interest in Vantoplife community.

Stay tuned, Vantoplife community will be released soon.

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