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SD card issue with s21

HI all I am hoping someone can help us with this problem, we are trying to insert the micro sd card into the device (I have never had an issue ever with putting a card in any other device). The first card we tried to insert went into the body of the tablet above the small opening where it appears that the card should go in. We cannot get that out now so we purchased another card and thought that it should go in that small slot where it shows the access point for the card. There is just no way that it will go in just don't get it..we tried the small pinhole to see if that released the tray nothing..

We are really stuck any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated (we know a bit about the card procedure so it is not about where it should go it is about why wont it go in?)

Happy New Year all


  • Hello @jackdan ,

    thanks for your question.

    Please do the procedures as the video said.

    Hope it works, thanks

  • Hi thanks for the information,

    If others are having this issue I figured it out and while the video is good as far as telling a novice where the card goes they may run into the same issue. So, be very careful when inserting the card, there is a gap above the slot for the card that appears to be where it goes. If you accidentally use that slot instead of the one directly below it that is at an angle the card will disappear inside the body of the tablet and will be lost. Lok with a flashlight to be sure that you get the card into the aluminum opening it is a slant so the card does not go in dead straight until it is almost all the way in. It does not feel like a normal sd card slot as it has not spring tension to push the card back out so it does take some force to push the card in that opening,

    Be careful trust me as the video covers none of this.


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