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L 470 problem with mirror screen

Hey Guys i just bought 470 and works almost perfect..i have problem from the beginning with screen mirroring

When i choose option for mirror screen my wall is black and its not pooping information how to connect via android or ios... ( i saw on yt it should pops up blue screen with details how to connect) its stays black and nothing happen..


  • I have the same problem on my L430, although I managed to get it up and working initially, both wired and wirelessly. I clicked the OK button which I think sleeps the input source. But since then screen mirroring is black, with all the rest blue. Tried a factory reset, nothing. Can't access the projector via WiFi anymore to try and disconnect router settings and reconnect. Don't know what else I can do to troubleshoot.

  • I just had the same issue with a brand new L470.

    I unplugged the power cord from the projector, waited 10 seconds. Then plugged back in and booted up as if nothing happend. Problem solved.

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