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Delay In shipment

I do see some people asking about the delays in shipment. I placed an order for a projector V630 on the 14th of April and received a FedEx tracking number on the 20th (after inquiring about the status of the purchase to customer support). Today April 29, 2 weeks following the order placement, I am still waiting for the product to be delivered to FedEx for shipment. I expected a wait as I did not pay for expedited shipment at this point after two weeks from the day of purchase, it is annoying to see that there has been no progress in shipping and the website states the product is still at the Hong Kong warehouse. I understand there could be shipping difficulties, but two weeks and no progress that is outrageous. Please update, let customers know provide a response on progress (Customer Service)??. Ordered from the Vankyo website order #2642.



  • hi,

    Sorry for the dissatisfaction caused by our shipping service.

    Due to the impact of COVID-19, the Fedex express service bursts rencently which is an unusally case. your package is still in the Hong Kong warehouse, the current order waiting time delays to be 10-20 days around. for the current order, we have been charged Additional surcharges from the Fedex express service, but we will not add any additional fee from our customers, and we have tried our best to consider for customers. At present, our subsequent orders will be partly switched to DHL services, and shipping time should be reduced. We are continuing to respond to the impact of COVID-19 and will will thrive to offer the shippment service solution.

    If your parcel is shipped for more than 1 month, please send an email to our customer service center, we will refund partial for compensation.

    Thank you again for your patience.

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    If there were shipping delays, there should be a update warning your customers of the situation prior to making the purchase. I am not the only person this is happening to. If you were responsible as a company, you would at the least provide updates on the delay regularly. Like many other people in the Facebook review section and here, I have disputed the payment to request a refund for not receiving my purchase ......way past the expected 10 business days timeline as it has not even shipped and I purchased on the 14...........stay away from purchasing from the website. If possible purchase from amazon. I made a mistake of trying to use the website.......such a hassle.

  • hi,Sorry again for unpleasant shopping experience.

    Sorry for that We can not know the exact information about the logistics delay in advance and we also can’t to give customers a precise time for delay orders Due to the uncertain shipping status. Any form of consultation, we gave a timely response, and a very open choice- refunds or partial compensation. This is only a temporary situation.

    Latest update: Now it takes 8-10 days for our new orders.

  • Your website says it will send an email in 2-3 business days regarding shipping. I ordered my projector and accessories 8 days ago and still have not heard anything. Your website also says to contact you if I hadn't heard anything by 2-3 business days. So....I have emailed multiple times, tried to call, tried to contact someone on the chat and all without success. Your communication has made it very difficult to have any confidence in my purchase. I understand these are strange times with shipping and COVID-19. However, I do not understand why you do not have multiple people manning the website and contacting people via e-mail or answering phones or chat to keep open lines of communication regarding the shipping details. I wish someone could advise what is going on with my order. Order #3237.

  • hey, sorry again about late response.

    the reason of late response is that it is our labor day holiday on 1st-5th, May. and our customer service stuff task is overloaded after 5 days holiday back, there might be some delay.

    here is your Latest shipping info: DHL 8160410834

    2020-05-07 15:55

    DALLAS, TX - USA, Shipment on hold

    So appreciate about your patience, and still expect to win your trust back.

  • Like others I placed an order and have not received anything but a charge on my CC - I have called, sent messaged via messenger and emailed and have gotten no reply in any form. Please let me know what the status of my order is - if it will not be here in a reasonable time I will have no choice but to contact my CC and have the charge reversed - I understand we are all working through challenges with CV-19 bu a reply/update is not too much to ask. Don't have anything other than the paypal receipt so not sure how to tell you to look my order up. Please PM and i can give needed information.

  • Hi i have placed the order one week back and still i didn’t get update on that. Your website says I email will be triggered with a shipping information. It’s more than a week and still I don’t get a email regarding the shipping info. I tried to connect customer service through email and phone and there is no response. Why are you doing this and I need an update on my order #3780.

  • HI Support Team,

    Still i didnt get any email updates or response regrading my order #3780. I have placed this order 8days back still no response on the shipping. I sent more than 5 emails an d called multiple times but still no response. Your communication has made it very difficult to have any confidence in my purchase. Respond ASAP.

  • Hi 

    i received the shipment tracking number but its just created and it is not yet shipped. Please update me why it is not yet shipped why it is still showing as dhl is not yet picked. I checked with dhl they are saying you guys just created the labels and it is pending with you. Can you please check and let me know why it is not picked. 

    I have ordered this project for a birthday gift. When I order it I was mentioned that shipping will start In 2-3 days. I ordered 11 days back. It it’s not yet shipped. If your website said it will be delay in the shipment. I would not placed this order. But looks like you guys are taking so much time. Please check and update me . I am really frustrated.Respond ASAP.....

    DHL tracking number: 1078262975

    order number: 3780

  • Hi,

    your messenge was responsed in the other forum discussion.


    you might receive your package by 29th, May

  • If I would have I known that I would have to deal with all these shipping delays I would have not purchased!! I ordered on may 23rd. Your website states 2-3 days for a tracking number. I excluded Monday being that’s it’s a holiday and still I should have gotten an email yesterday the 28th. I just recently went through the EXACT same thing with a different company and it is still not sitting with me very well. Even with your 15-17 day delivery window I had plans on when this would arrive and nothing was said in emails about delays. I am beyond frustrated and wish I never ordered.Order # 4218

  • i placed an order for a V630 on 5/22 And have reached out via email several times with no update. Concerned that there isn’t customer service phone number and more concerned with the lack of response to the email.

  • Have you received your order?

  • People need to understand the world shut down because of the virus so there will be delays.

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