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Anyone else having trouble with Vankyo S30 losing connection to the micro SD Card?

The micro SD card keeps losing its connection to the system. I've lost material several times now. Very annoying.



  • Use another micro SD card to test. If the issue still exist, contact Vankyo suppport to exchange the products.

  • Yes. Reboot generally brings it back. I've tried all my SanDisk and Samsung cards (high quality cards). My oldest card works flawlessly, but the system complains it's too slow when I insert it. All the cards other cards I have exhibit this issue on this device.

    I'm on my second S30, the first one exchanged out for video issues. Both have had this problem.

    I think it's a problem in the software - perhaps related to power management.

  • I get same problem,.

  • Same problem and WiFi keeps dropping out. Have tried all the recommended fixes but nothing works.

    Will Vankyo exchange the tablet as it’s only four months old.

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