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Winner Announcement-Give Dad the Best - Share the Story and Win GIVEAWAY

Father’s Day is coming, bet you are thinking about Giving Dad the Best

Vankyo sympathizes you. As we care for families, care family members who play significant roles in a family. That’s exactly what Vankyo is striving for, to empower you a better family life.

Why not join us here to share the most impressive moment with your dad? And you’ll get a chance to win a headset! Are you ready for it??

Give Dad the Best - Share the Story and Win

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  • divertirmi sempre

  • Love to win one if these products...

  • Iniziativa simpatica

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    The most impressive moment with my Dad was when I was a little kid.?‍?I was starting school and didn't know much about math, but he started teaching me numbers with fruits!???We used to chop oranges in halves, in quarters and so on, then he would tell me how much of an orange do you have if I eat this half??We "played" with that for days, while I was learning to sum up and subtract fractions without realizing!➗?

    It is amazing to look back and see what he did for me. Now I have a PhD in Physics and a deep love to math.??‍???

    The thing I most want to say to him is: Thank you.???

    #vankyofather’sday #vankyo #fatherdaygift #fatherday2020 #fatherdayspecial #fatherday❤️ #DadsAreAwesome #dadlovesyou #old_man #vankyo #happyfathersday #family #love

  • May Dad served in the Navy for almost 22 years, he is now an 8th grade science teacher who gives back every day. When I go to the store with him, everybody knows my dad and I know he is really about supporting our community. He has coached different sports teams even if he has no experience because we needed him to do it. He is always giving and I know he is always there for me.

  • My father is a physician and a deacon in his church. He has always shown me the power of dedication, love and kindness. He constantly goes out of his way to help people, whether its taking extra time in his office to do some extra listening, opening early or staying late to help someone in need, picking up hitch hikers or just being that that person that does whatever he can to make someones life a little better. I am very proud to be his son and can only dream of being half the man that he is. Lots of love always.

    I cannot narrow it down to one thing that I would like to say, as everyday he surprises and impresses me with his love for his fellow man.

    My father, my mentor, my HERO.

  • My father passed on 10 years ago. While I was serving on the USS Little Rock CLG4, the 6th Fleet Flagship my mother and father came to Italy to visit. I arranged for him to actually steer the ship for a while. Looked like John Wayne standing behind the big wheel looking out over a twin 5"gun mount ant the triple 6" gun turret!

  • My dad has heavy diabetes always on pills . What i did like doing with my dad is when we went fishing every morning , road trip to anywhere . When i wanted help he was there all the time.

  • My dad and I always go camping together and we like working on cars together. We always have a great time no matter what we’re doing. Love you dad.

  • My Dad was a rock. He used to tell me that " I'd be amazed at what I could accomplish, if I was willing to start over". He said a lot of sensible things just like that. He always made time for me. Coaching me in baseball, watching me play football. He always made time even after a 10 hour work day. He exhibited patience and taught me how to be a good man, just like he was.

  • My dad is the best dad for me, that they call man with action even not feeling well but as long people need help emediately they can walk up and doing what people make want to solve is problem,,thats why i proud of him being a father and being a leadership,,

  • I would like to say to my dad that I love him. He is the best dad in the world.

    The most impressive moments are when he teach me something or share his wise words. It really feels like the best father son moments.

    He would be very happy and gratefull if he wins one of these prices. He deserves it to listen to music and relax after all his hard work.

    Kind regards,

    Mike ?

  • The most impressive moment with my dad was he teached me learn biking, I fall down again and again, he encouraged me stand up and try again.

    I want to say to him that I love him forever.

  • My father talk less and to do more.He works really hard for our family. Although our life is hard, I never heard any complaint of him. He is my best gifts ever!

  • The most impressive moment was when my dad sued me in New York Supreme Court... I'd just like to tell him, I forgive you, you POS, and thanks.

  • All that I may say will be more likely be short, what I can say is that all the time I needed support with my homework, understanding of mechanics (check battery, change a tires, clean the spark plugs, chnage mechanical gas pump), problems with girls, support in times of heavy depression and a strong person to lean on, she was always there. I may not qualify for this contests but, at the end my dad was my mom.

    Best story I recall, well she got me out of jail at 7 am as I had a car accident, thankfully nobody got hurt, she bought me a 6 pack on our way home, she told me, relax we will figure this out later, drink the beer and go to bed.

    About my dad, well it has been 35 years without any info about him.


  • My most memorable moment with my Dad was when we overcame all fear by swinging at speeds in excess of 120kph in 3.5 seconds and laughing in the face of gravity. Now I know from whom I inherited my adrenaline junkie trait by completing this act of sheer insanity.

    My dad is like Captain America because he is an extraordinary leader and you know that he will always got your back! Took a good look at my father, and realised that I’m now a strong woman simply because a strong father raised me - and I’m so proud of him. Life doesn’t come with a manual, but it comes with a father. He did such an amazing job raising four children and is now a grandpa of two ? No matter how many times I say I love you, I always love you more than that. I love you Dad!!! ???

    I'm like my Dad because we are convivial! We tend to be fun, friendly, sociable and emotionally expressive, and cheerful!

    To the most generous bank I know, the cheapest handyman, the most effective spider hunter and the best chaffeur! Happy Father's Day to the ? in my family! ✌?

    #vankyofather’sday #vankyo #fatherdaygift #fatherday2020 #fatherdayspecial #fatherday❤️ #DadsAreAwesome #dadlovesyou #old_man #vankyo #happyfathersday #family #love

  • Happy Father's Day to my superman papa ???Papa, we ♥️ you...


    I know you work so hard every day to bring bacon home, you pick me up when I fall, watch me from my back to ensure I am all right, your eyes show sternness, but more kindness and care that I feel greatly, now I have grown up to be an adult, can understand that father role is not easy, I realize that being a father would be so difficult, not only working hard outside to make sure our family have enough to eat and wear, and also give me a strong foundation before I step into working life, this makes me appreciate you all the more, pa....I appreciate all your love, time and sacrifices, thank you for holding my hand when I needed it, comfort me when things go wrong, forgive me when I mess up, corrected me when I misbehave, unselfishly share your wisdom and life experiences with me, you inspire me to do my best, you make our house a warmth home with lot of joy and happiness and always believe in me and the list is non exhaustive.

    Dear Pa, 

    This is the last semester of my college life, after I graduate, I will find a job to lessen your burden, now ko ko already come out to work, next is my turn, so you no need to work so hard like last time. 

    I wish papa good heath, great happiness, cool and steady. I know papa has been a smoker for many years, but i really care for you and wish pa can listen to mom and us , please stop smoking now because it is very bad for your health and for us as well, take care of your body and exercise more, I want to go jogging in the park with you after Circuit Breaker is lifted, like last time you used to bring me, ko ko and mei mei to the park near our house for brisk walking, so many sweet memories plastered deep in our mind, pa...please drink less, doctor told to control your diet, walk around after a meal, dont worry ko ko, mei mei and me, we are fully grown up and we know what is wrong and right.


    I hope pa know how proud we are of you, Happy Father's Day! Happiness always! ?

  • My father has always been the strong, silent type when it comes to dealing with his issues. Like any man, he doesn’t want to be bothered with the drama. Instead, he would cope on his own. He didn't like to show too much emotion whenever he was upset. Being the little fire-starter I was, I always pushed his buttons. I picked fights with him, especially when I knew he was already in a bad mood. We were similar. Until I became a parent myself, I had never truly appreciated everything my father did for me. I never realized the struggles he had to overcome and the sacrifices he had to make in order to provide a better life for our family. He had to put his own interests aside for the benefit of our family for which he had taken responsibility and he did a great job. Job well done Dad. Job extremely well done. Happy Father’s Day!

  • My name is from my dad which means pure and clean, and my name reflects my life belief which is amazing, thanks pa for giving me name and life .

    My Dad is a ordinary and introverted man. Although dad didn't make a lot of money for family, he is always satisfied with all we have. I am like him, and i am easy to be happy because i am easily satisfied with all i have. after i grow up and have more confidence and courage to love and live because of all encouragement and companionship from childhood memory. What I remember most is that when I was young, my family was not so wealthy, but he would still buy me new clothes every year. I always look forward to my father coming back from the field to bring snacks back, like: prites, snacks, and instant noodles,ect. I was full of hope and happiness back then, Those simple taste and joyful memories are the ultimate Motivation and hope of my life.

    Thank you, pa

  • b. The thing you most want to say to your DAD

    "Thank you dad, for being so special"

    My dad is special because of his unconventional way of loving me. During my university days, when I am always studying late at night till 2-3am, he will “scold” me for studying till the wee hours. No matter is it primary school, secondary school, junior college or when choosing university courses, he always make sure he’s there to “nag” at me and “challenge” my choices. Now that I’m married, he’s still there to “complain” about the food i cook and how i manage household matters.

    But i know deep down in his heart, he love me for who I am. No matter what time it is or how busy he is, I can count on him to be there for me. he show me his capacity of loving someone in a way I never would have imagined, he show me how big his heart would get, he show me that being a dad is the best job in the world and he wouldn't want it any other way ❤️

  • My father will always be my hero regardless of what happens to me in the future. My Dad is the coolest and Best Dad in the World because He does less correcting but more connecting & less tugging but more hugging all the time with me. He taught me that nothing is impossible in this World and to always stay happy by making the most of what I had. He is my superhero as he bailed me out every time I was in problem. When I was in fifth class one day my father saw me crying lonely in my room.He came to my room and asked politely that what had happened to me.I told him that next day I have a maths exam for which I don't know anything.he then spent next 2 hours explaining me my maths chapters in details.Surprise!!! Surprise !!!scored 50 out of 50 in my maths exam.He was too very happy to see his daughter perform so well with his little effort.This incident is the most memorable and touching moment in my life.He always says that Running away from problems is never a solution and one must try making little possible adjustment at all time. I still remember my father picking me up in his arms & dropping me to the school bus stand everyday till I was 6 so my shoes do not get dirty while walking till school bus.His love for me is truly unconditional and I truly feel blessed to be born as his daughter!

    #vankyofather’sday #vankyo #fatherdaygift #fatherday2020 #fatherdayspecial #fatherday❤️ #DadsAreAwesome #dadlovesyou #old_man #vankyo #happyfathersday #family #love

    Instagram ID - @sunitakatyal9

  • edited June 16

    Now that I’m a father as well, I remembered all the lessons my father gave me. He thought me to be caring, he thought me to be loving, to be understanding, to be a helping hand, to be the best person I can be, to be the person I desire to be, and to be the person I will be proud to be. What’s impressive is that day by day he teaches me that until eventually it becomes normal for me and I inherited it.

    I want to tell my dad that I am very proud of him for being the best father in helping and molding me to be a good father as well. Won’t gonna let the flow end. Gotta pass down the good lessons.

    I’m interested with the Vankyo X200, if I win I’ll make a video review of it on my Youtube channel and facebook page.

  • Father is a first love for Daughter I'm a single Daughter in the family of 25 members❤ Soo every father Love's der Daughters but love for me in my home is unconditional Because my aunt uncle every body treats me like thr Daughter soo I'm blessed with 2Uncles and i also call them Daddy❤ It is admirable for a man to take his son for shopping enjoying but there is a special place in heaven for the father who takes his daughter shopping❤ I'm gonna make this Father's day soo special for my father Because I'm in this world because of him a world without Father is totally Incomplete I'm super blessed to have a father like you❤

    Dad, you’ve always been the coolest like all those times you said ‘yes’ when Mom said ‘no❤ whenever my momma denied and says no for the thing's thn my dad always suprise me with the same things i need❤ I'm super blessed to have a dad like you?

    #vankyofather’sday #vankyo #fatherdaygift #fatherday2020 #fatherdayspecial #fatherday❤️ #DadsAreAwesome #dadlovesyou #old_man #vankyo #happyfathersday #family #love

    Big wish to win for dad??

    My Instagram account @_reshma_2_

  • Those were the days when cell phones were the new big. My dad purchased a basic hand set and clearly, I was so excited about it. He used to call me from the land line so that my excitement with that gadget subsided gradually. We used to write letters to each other. Yes, living in the same house.I used to go every weekend with my dad to the panipuri place at the end of my street and Having Pani Puri with my dad! Me and my dad just love Pani Puri, so we went there frequently on his bike. We had this love for lyrics. Those were the days of tape-recorder. So, we would sit on the terrace, play-pause-rewind all the latest songs to scribble the lyrics on our note pad.

    Thank you Dad, for always being there for me when no one was there, Thank you for never giving up on me, Thank you for supporting me, for believing on me, for unconditional care, for everything you have done, for all that you still do. You will always be my super hero. Insta Id- @sahusucharita1990

  • With father's day round the corner, nostalgia always kicks in. And what better way than to reminiscence that favorite childhood memory of yours ..

    Here's one from my archive , where my daddy love is teaching me how to slingshot mangoes from my gran's backyard. Trust me it was one shot from his catapult and five fruits from my sweet-sour ? Asking me how good I got at it ?? Like the arrow from the Pandavas, striking them one after the other boy ? ( ➡️ to see)

    To that day where I discovered this world on his safe shoulders under the tip of my curious nose, huge grin and arms flying high ? to last few years where he made me solid as a rock and taught me a different definition for living life without my no more, resting in peace mum dearest!!

    I always wondered which dad on earth would make one's child watch, as the last breath left my mom’s tired body. And today I know, those were the things which began my story of being realistic but with a busted heart, a strong-willed daughter and an over-protective sister stepping into the role to keep the family together. So yes dad, I am strongly celebrating my innate force and your advice which came to rescue and changed my reaction from “Flight to Fight” every single time!!

    So yes to my most cherished days which taught me while I played and most importantly to my handsome hero who made that happen , CHEERS ? I promise TO BE THERE always?‍?More life and love!!

    Posted on my Instagram profile as well (I am a happy blogger, themayhemmum is my handle name)..

    Would live to have the Vankyo 200 for my dad!!

    Look forward to hearing from you!!


    Nikitha. R

    #vankyofather’sday #vankyo #fatherdaygift #fatherday2020 #fatherdayspecial #fatherday❤️ #DadsAreAwesome #dadlovesyou #old_man #vankyo #happyfathersday #family #love

  • Daughter's first love n real hero, my father is a very simple n loving man. He is that umbrella who has protected me since birth. I was a premature child & referred to specialist just after birth. My father carried me in her arms immediately rushed to doctor. He said arey she is a girl dont worry that much. My father instantly replied isse kuch nahi hona chaiye she is more than a son to me. If my mother is heart, he is the heartbeat inside.


    Once i was sitting at a cafe with my bf and my father saw me there. After reaching home, i found my mom very angry, i couldn't get what's the issue, then my father came to me, put his hand over my shoulder and asked me patiently, i was afraid a lil initially, but later on i told him everything, cos he was very calm and asked me as a friend. Moreover, to that i saw a trust in his eyes, that i promise never to break. He made my mom calm down and understand my feelings and support me.


    Once i won a trophy at a school competition, i was very late that day and while returning home i saw my father anxiously waiting for me outside, then he saw me with a trophy in my hand, he couldn't wait to hold me in her arms, i still remember that happiness & pride in his eyes.


    Whether its a moment where he proudly introduces me to his colleagues that she is my daughter, or feels happy on my achievements, every small little moment is a memorable or countable with him.


    He is that cushion who holds me when i fall down, he gives guidance when i seek, he is patient when i m foolish, he holds my heart forever.

    When ur around grass always seem to be green, always an understanding heart you're that star who always brightens up my life.

    My father's strongest points that i am carrying as his legacy includes, COMPASSIONATE FEELING, ETHICS, PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, GENDER EQUITY, MULTITASKING ABILITY, POSITIVE & NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE. My father is my best teacher, he taught me value relationships over money & spirit over ego. He says fall in love but never loose yourself in a relationship. I have learned to be a good listener, a wise observer & a task performer. He made me understand my worth, dont set your limits, break down boundaries, you are stronger than what you think. He says respect urself first before expecting it from others. Count ur blessings instead of troubles, one of his best advices i follow.


    I have learned strength & determination from him. Chase ur dreams & never give up. I have seen him fought against all the odds of society & family members alone and rise up. I have learned from him to keep my heads, heels & standards always high.

    If my mom is a nurturer & creator, ur a transformer who made me a girl with mind, woman with pride & lady with class.


    He is a self made man with no support from family. We had family dispute over property, all the brothers gathered and beaten him up, but he alone raised up went to police station and lodged a fir against them. He taught me to open my wings, fly high & touch the sky, but always attach to the roots.


    Few lines for him..


    मेरी पहचान आप से पापा,

    क्या कहूं आप मेरे लिए क्या हो।

    रहने को है मेरे नीचे ये जमीन,

    पर मेरे लिए तो मेरा आसमान आप हो।


    #vankyo #vankyofathersday #fatherday #fatherday2020 #DadsAreawesome Done on post as well on fb. Shared on my story too. Would be glad if i win with you @Vankyo

  • Bellissimo, ottima risoluzione... Facile da usare e ottimo prodotto qualità prezzo

  • We were about to move into a house of our own. Everyone was brimming with vivacity and happiness. But, the excitement, energy and happiness of everyone else combined too were nothing compared to the elated state of Papa. It was his greatest dream coming alive, and the man himself got into motion.

    He dedicated himself to carving out every inch of the house into a scintillating piece of beauty. The apartment’s interiors and the furniture were bought or customized according to his own taste. He built every bit of the house as if it was his own baby. He wanted it to have everything beautiful and best that could fit in his vision.

    He would think of what a certain corner of the house should look like. Then he would wander the markets for weeks to search for things and tools that could make his vision into a visual spectacle.

    While my Maa would often object citing the rising costs and lop-siding of the budget, but Papa would say, “After years of hardships, I am going to have a house of my own. So, who cares if I am over-spending? It is my first house and I’ll build it like a dream.” And, he realized his surreal dream. He gifted Maa and me the most beautiful home that neither of us could have otherwise envisioned.

    The date was 13th of October 2013. It was our housewarming. The big dream that Maa and Papa had envisioned and nurtured for years was now coming alive. And that days I realized that my father is a Hero and my Family is the most happy family in this world . Because of my Hero Dad.

    Biggest wish to win this for my Father. Hope u ll notice me .❤️

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