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Vankyo 470

When I mirror from my iphone X I have no video only sound. Any ideas, tips to make this work?


  • Please turn up both iphone and app. Also, turn up the projector. It has no sound because one of them has not been turned up.

  • 😣 Please re-read the comments. Sound is not the problem, video is the problem. I have been unable to get my Apple products to project using any of the instructions provided either for Wifi or using the Lightning/HDMI adapter.

  • I have an Apple 7 and my wife has the new Apple se, when I first connected my phone everything worked. Then all if a sudden I couldn’t get a video only sound.i tried it with mirror sharing then also with the hdmi cable it didn’t work. Then I tried with my wife’s phone with the hdmi and it worked. My phone still doesn’t work can someone help me🥺

  • I’m sorry it’s the leisure 470 projector

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