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Happy 4th of July Independence Day

edited July 15 in News from Vankyo

Hello there!

The United States has officially declared its independence on July 4th, 1776. Ever since then, people celebrated for freedom and equality with kinds of activities. 

So, any ideas to celebrate this upcoming July 4th? Vankyo has come up with some great ideas though, why not add them into your plan list?

Outdoor BBQ?

For those planning to go outside for BBQ, when the sunset is coming, place a deck chair, set up a grill, and don’t forget to bring a Vankyo GO300, a wonderful BBQ party with your friends & families is awaiting! 

Home Cinema?️

When was the last time you went to the cinema? Don’t worry, lockdown will not restrict the way you sense the beauty of life. Stay at home with Vankyo Performance V630, the crisp and vivid images will never let you down.

Home Party?‍♀️

A toast with your family to this great day! Heimvision M241 Security System Kit guards you by monitoring around your house. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about the mess left after the party as Kyvol Cybovac Robot Vacuum Cleaner is capable to handle all of these. Just relax and enjoy!

Firework Show?

Gathering and watching the Firework Show is also a good choice for you to celebrate the Independent Day. Stuck by the crowd and lose the sight of the spectacular scene? That’s absolutely fine. Snaptain SP510 Drone is here for you, snap any moment or making records as much as you want.

Blue, white & red do not only shape the US National Flag but shape the personality of the US, never give up on fighting for the equality and freedom. The day should always be remembered.

Let's keep fighting for equality and freedom!

Tell us here how you are going to celebrate the day.?


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