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Vankyo 470 does not work with Apple

I'm about 24 hours from returning this. Please help.

USB Connect to Iphone - doesn't work. Although it did for about 2 minutes.

WiFI mirroring - doesn't work. Initially recognized the WiFi of Leisure 470 Network - but no more. Cannot find network

No reset button

No firmware available. Vankyo website says to check manufacturer website. But nothing is there. Is there another manufacturer other than Vankyo I'm supposed to be checking on the product page.

Holding menu button down on remote or projector does not provide version #

No response from customer service via phone, email, or chat in 24 hours. Crickets.

Any ideas? Extremely frustrated


  • VANKYO 470 can work well with Apple, please read and follow the manual.

    To reset, long press OK button until reset shows.

    The version of your projector device shows on the bottom right corner of the upgrade interface in the menu.

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