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Happy Saint Patrick!🍀

Saint Patrick's Day is soon arriving. Vankyo wishes that this venerated day along with the shamrock can bring you good luck and fortune through 2020. This is such a great opportunity for people around the world to gather together and know each other, as do the Irish and lovers of Irish folklore. Are you ready to wear green and be merry with us for its celebrations?

Saint Patrick, Symbol of Ireland

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17 by the Irish to honor Saint Patrick, a missionary who converted Ireland to Christianity. He is said to have used the shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Since that day, the clover has been the national emblem of Ireland, and the Irish wear it proudly in their buttonhole on St. Patrick's Day. Today, Saint Patrick is also known as an international holiday.

How the Irish Celebrate This Day?

In Ireland, St Patrick's Day is a particularly festive day: beer flows freely and parades are organized. People dress in green, the traditional color of Ireland, and put a clover in their buttonholes. This celebration also has its followers all over the world thanks to the expatriates or descendants of the many Irish emigrants who imported their most emblematic celebration. Also you will surely find near you an Irish pub to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with dignity!  

Great Parades in New York and Other Places

Ireland celebrates its saint patron on March 17, and people who have Irish ancestry around the world (including 32.6 million US residents according to a census in 2017) raises their glass in honor of Patrick. The largest parade celebrating St. Patrick's Day is held in New York. More than 200,000 participants and more than two million spectators gather on 5th Avenue. A real spectacle!

Besides New York City, you’re free to take part in the celebrations in Dublin, Sydney, New York, Boston, Montreal and Paris. You just can’t miss the green-colored, shamrock-festooned, and music-blaring parades.

🍀Happy Saint Patrick 2020🍀And happy to see you in the Vankyo community!

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