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Trouble with wireless update for S30 Tablet


I've been having trouble updating my S30 tablet. It says I have a wireless update for 6/11/20 and the first few times I tried it, it would download, install and then go into recovery mode where I saw the Android icon and then all it said was "error!" and then would reboot. This happened at least 3 times and I made sure there was well enough battery power every time.

Eventually, it stopped prompting me, so I went into the settings and did a manual check for an update and it said my system was up to date, so I thought it fixed itself.

Now, it's prompting me again. I repeated the instructions with the same results. Error! at recovery mode and then it boots back into the program. I even did a factory reset and then tried to update and nothing works.


  • I am stuck in a loop, does this have a special way to factory reset? Right now it is unusable.

  • If I try to manual update it says update exist but if I attempt upload I get a failed to connect to

  • I've been having the same problem except I continue to get update prompts & I go through the same process mentioned in the previous comments in which I get an Error message once I download & attempt to install. I see that there hasn't been a response on this issue it would be nice if someone in either the community or the company support team would help to troubleshoot the issue.

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