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Guidance regarding firmware updates

I'm very concerned regarding the lack of clarity on the latest firmware update on Vankyo Tablets. Though my new S30 tablet apparently functions fine. I am told by the automatic update function that the tablet requires a security update, which it is unable to perform. Others apparently have managed to update tablets only to break them. We need some form of Guidance from Vankyo as to what we should be doing regarding these updates. If a bad update has been released we need to know.


  • hey,

    if possible, please send me your email, i will send you latest version and guidance.


  • I have received the link to the 20200608 s30 update. Included was a video showing the steps required to install the update manually.

    Unfortunately there are a few of problems.

    • the .rar file that contains the usb device drivers and firmware upgrade utility can not be downloaded from the google drive link as google tags the file as containing a virus and prevents download. Fortunately both drivers and utility are available elsewhere.
    • the included video is handy but should really have a written step by step instruction set to go along as certain portions of the video are unclear. For example - which button on the tablet needs to be pressed to trigger the update ( I believe it is volume) .
    • and most troublesome is the update fails to complete as shown in attached screenshot.

  • I was able to update my s30 tablet to the 202006030 version of the firmware by following these instructions,

    1. find the file we sent you which is named: "UPGRADEDOWNLOAD_R21.0.0001"
    2. Right-click the "UpgradeDownload.ini" file and select "Edit"
    3. Modify according to the two pictures below, change "CheckCali = 1" to "CheckCali = 0"

    The only problem I have is that wireless update does not appear to recognize the server address when checking for new updates.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    I'm still uncertain if future firmware updates will proceed smoothly or require this total system reset. This is a problem as I have to reinstall all of the apps and data I have on the tablet after using this method.

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